Montada Plus has organized a webinar on “Professional Teleworking Tools”. The webinar was provided by the entrepreneur Mr. Mahmoud Qannita via zoom program on Thursday May 21, 2020.

This webinar is part of a series of online meetings and workshops to be held by Montada Plus on Entrepreneurship and Teleworking.

This initiative also comes as one of the activities to spread and promote the culture of self-employment through teleworking in response to the trends and changes taking place in the labor markets today and in preparation for launching the a program on teleworking that aims to train youth in Lebanon and provide local and international job opportunities for them.

This initiative takes a development dimension as it aims to help young people and qualify them to enter the field of self-employment to reduce unemployment rates that have increased due to economic conditions and Covid-19.

20 people from different industries (Engineers, programmers, professors, managers, consultants, entrepreneurs and others who are interested in entrepreneurship and telecommuting) participated in the webinar that was also streamed live on Montada Plus Facebook page and watched by more than 130 viewer.

The webinar aimed to provide the participants with a set of concepts and tools used in teleworking. Among the objectives of the webinar are: explaining the basic concepts and elements of success in teleworking, explaining the policies and standards for choosing teleworking technical tools, explaining the types of teleworking tools, and the most important applications in each of them, in addition to a detailed and interactive description of a number of Tools.

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